Monday, 30 March 2015

Comic life

Recently room 26 have been making comics on a variety of  topics we have been learning about. We had to think about our audience (who will read our comic) and the purpose (why we are writing a short comic).

This is my comic

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tomorrow,When The War Began

From what I have read so far I predict that Ellie,Corrie and the rest of the secret  seven will make it down the first part of Satins Steps but just as Kevin is about to find a way down Fi hears a crumbling noise and the top part of Satins steps will  start falling down and all of the secret seven have to rush to the other side of the ledge  and Corrie only just misses getting hit and there is no way back up and the only way to go is down because the other side has been demolished by the falling ledge.

Tomorrow When The War Began
I predict that all of them get down the first Santin step and then homer realises that he left the food and water on top of the Santin step so they all try to struggle there way back up will happen next.

Tomorrow When the War Begain.

I predict that Ellie, Robyn, Homer, Corrie, Fi, Keven and Lee will make it down into Hell. While they are down there they run into trouble and a war starts. Then they find out that they are fighting Chris and that he didn't want to come because he was planning war on them all. Then they might discover there is a secret way down into Hell and that Chris is friends with the murderer.

Tomorrow when the war began

Hi I'm Jed and this is my prediction.

From what I have heard so far I predict that Ellie, Robyn,Lee and Fi are going to run out of food and water and will have To go to the top and then go home to find there home destroyed and there parents dead.

Tomorrow,When the War Began.

From what we have read so far I predict that the kids will run out of water when there in Hell and Fi and Robyn will go and get some from the top of the saturns stairs and Homer,Corrie,Kevin.Ellie and Lee wil see a war going on. I also predict that the war is in Australia because in the book they said that there are dingos.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Tomorrow, When The War Began

I predict that Ellie and the group will get in trouble and I think that Ellie and the group will fall a part and a war is happing and no one is alive on land.